Dr. Wagler has over 30 years of life science, physical science, science education and environmental education teaching experience with students ranging from pre-kindergarten to Ph.D. level. He also has over 30 years of teaching experience as an arthropod educator with very diverse audiences. He has also developed and taught UTEP’s first Masters and Ph.D. level environmental education courses. Dr. Wagler’s environmental education courses have a strong emphasis on the Sixth Mass Extinction because, from an educational standpoint, the Sixth Mass Extinction provides an excellent way for people to fully understand the environmental impact we are having on Earth because it encompasses all of the major human activities driving global environmental degradation. These large scale global human activities are the spread of invasive species and genes; overexploitation of species; habitat modification, fragmentation and destruction; pollution and climate change. 

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His current teaching duties consist of teaching science education or environmental education courses. Depending on the semester these courses can be undergraduate, graduate or both. Dr. Wagler’s UTEP students consistently rate his teaching and courses as Excellent. The mean score for his teaching and courses while at UTEP is currently 4.9 out of 5. Dr. Wagler has had his teaching highlighted in many media outlets such as National Geographic and has won university, state and national awards for his teaching. Of special significance is his University of Texas System Regents’ Outstanding Teaching Award for tenure track faculty. This award is among the most prestigious and competitive teaching awards. Because of his prior teaching experience, awards and media coverage Dr. Wagler was nominated by his university peers to be a Fellow at the UTEP Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning.

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