Dr. Wagler also participates in extensive service to his department, college, university, community, the national and international science education community and the national and international environmental education community. Of special significance are the extensive arthropod education services Dr. Wagler provides at the regional, national and international level as the Director of his laboratory.

In 2018, Dr. Wagler was also invited to be the Guest Editor for the first and only Special Issue focused on arthropod education research. As an Invited Guest Editor, Dr. Wagler brought together the top international research experts in the field of arthropod education.  He has also served as an Editorial Board Member, is an invited reviewer for over fifteen science education and environmental education journals and is a consultant on aspects associated with his research.


Dr. Wagler and his UTEP students also perform many community-based service learning projects that involve the living arthropods from his laboratory. Dr. Wagler also performs hundreds of presentations at public schools, private schools, universities, museums, zoos, nature centers, science centers, assisted living facilities and community events educating people about his research and the essential role arthropods play in maintaining the health of global ecosystems. See Dr. Wagler's laboratory Facebook Page for examples of some of these events. Dr. Wagler’s service activities has been highlighted in many media outlets including Entertainment Tonight, Vanity Fair, MTV, Variety, ABC News and others.Because of Dr. Wagler's extensive service he has been awarded the 2018 President’s Meritorious Faculty Service Award and the El Paso TecH20 Water Resources Learning Center Most Valuable Person Service Award.