Dr. Wagler has been recognized nationally and internationally for his research in the field of arthropod education. Research in arthropod education addresses the use of arthropods or information about arthropods in any formal or informal educational setting. The field of arthropod education also encompasses research involving living arthropod curriculum development and the development of new arthropod captive breeding techniques. Dr. Wagler has pioneered foundational research in arthropod education and is considered one of the foremost experts in his field. 

Dr. Wagler has authored or co-authored over 70 peer reviewed publications and professional publications. His peer reviewed journal articles are published in national and international science education and environmental education journals. His book "Adventures with Arthropods: Eco-friendly Lessons for Middle School" is out now on The National Science Teachers Association Press. Dr. Wagler’s arthropod education research often integrates environmental education concepts associated with the current mass extinction.

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The current mass extinction (often called The Sixth Mass Extinction) is an ongoing event where a large number of living species are threatened with extinction or are going extinct because of the environmentally destructive activities of humans. This integration of arthropod education and environmental education research is reflected in the research laboratory Dr. Wagler founded and directs which is aptly named The Living Arthropod and Environmental Education Laboratory. Because of this connection, Dr. Wagler developed the first Sixth Mass Extinction peer reviewed research publications that provided information, curriculum and resources for the university and science education community. He has also been instrumental in educating the general public about the Sixth Mass Extinction through his professional publications. Because of this visibility, Dr. Wagler is frequently invited to write and speak about the Sixth Mass Extinction.

Dr. Wagler has also been an invited keynote speaker, invited expert panelist, invited roundtable speaker and invited guest speaker at national and international conferences where he has presented his research. Of special significance are his invited guest speaker presentations, invited expert panel presentations and invited roundtable speaker presentations at the Invertebrates in Education and Conservation Conference and the Entomological Society of America Conference which are the two largest gatherings of arthropod education researchers and arthropod educators in the world.

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He is also an active presenter at the annual Invertebrates in Education and Conservation Conference in Tucson, Arizona. Dr. Wagler has won corporate, university, symposium and conference awards for his research. He has also had his research highlighted in many media outlets including National Geographic. His current research interests include arthropod education, living arthropod curriculum development, the development of new arthropod captive breeding techniques, environmental education (integrated with arthropod education) and the sixth mass extinction.