Dr. Wagler's Living Arthropod and Environmental Education Laboratory is the first and only laboratory in the world dedicated to arthropod education research and support services for arthropod educators. Dr. Wagler is the founder and Director of the Living Arthropod and Environmental Education Laboratory. The laboratory houses different species of living arthropods, laboratory equipment and educational equipment. The living arthropods are all captive bred as to not remove further arthropods from their already fragile natural ecosystems. The species in the laboratory are constantly changing based on the research, teaching, service and outreach that is occurring. 



Some of the living arthropods in Dr. Wagler’s laboratory are Critically Endangered (CR) or Extinct in the Wild (EW) but all of the laboratory animals originate from ecosystems that are being degraded by human activity. All of the laboratories arthropods are involved in multi-generation captive breeding projects while one group of arthropods is involved in one of the largest multi-generation captive breeding projects of its kind. Because the care of the laboratories arthropods is so varied and specialized, Dr. Wagler provides all of the care for the living arthropods to ensure that their care is always humane, remains at the highest standard of quality and his ongoing arthropod experiments are not compromised. Taking these steps also ensured that the arthropods remain healthy and reproducing for many generations. The laboratory performs research in the areas of arthropod education, living arthropod curriculum development, the development of new arthropod captive breeding techniques and environmental education (integrated with arthropod education).




The laboratory is also used for living arthropod and environmental education presentations to universities, schools, zoos, museums, science centers and the community; arthropod education consulting; arthropod captive breeding consulting and many other arthropod education and environmental education activities. Dr. Wagler's living captive bred arthropods have appeared in motion pictures and have been highlighted in many media outlets such as Entertainment Tonight, Vanity Fair, MTV, Variety, ABC News and others.