El Paso Food Voices podcast provides a window into the extensive role food plays in people's lives. Food embodies symbolic, metaphorical, and political cultural and social practices. This podcast series shows how food practices captures a city's history beyond borders. Both guest and host/ess are members of the El Paso community.  Each host/hostess has developed the episode’s topic and written a short analysis based on the central theme discussed.

Episode 4: Adriana Wilcox

“At the end of the day, healthy food and access to it is a human right, not [a] privilege. Everyone should have access. Everyone should have a place at the table.”

Podcast Link: "Food Justice as a Community Action"
Host/ess: Meredith E. Abarca 
Guest: "Adriana Wilcox, Food Entrepeneur" 
Podcast Proposal: "Food Justice in Food Deserts"
Script: "A Social Entrepreneur's Effort to Feed a Community"
Scholarly Engagement: "Food Justice, Community Gardens and Food Deserts"
The Humanities in Food Practices: "..." 




Meredith E. Abarca, Ph.D
Creator, Editor, Curator of EPFV
Professor of Food Studies and Literature
Department of English
The University of Texas at El Paso

 Humanities Collaborative 

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