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The NASA MIRO Center for Space Exploration and Technology Research (cSETR) was established under the direction of Dr. Ahsan Choudhuri to promote research and education in aerospace and energy technologies and create opportunities to link and integrate UTEP’s research efforts in energy science and engineering into a broad, interdisciplinary research venture.



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NASA MIRO cSETR conducts research using computational modeling of heat flow, fluid flow and structural analysis to create test hardware and experimental facilities in Space Propulsion, Small Satellite Design and Combustion in the Energy Sector.

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NASA MIRO cSETR has established itself in progressive, world renown research in propulsion and energy. This comes from a continuous commitment to innovate and modern experimental and analytical capabilities. Five laboratories provide state of the art equipment.

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NASA MIRO cSETR has a suite of instrumentation including a wide variety of progressive imaging techniques. This includes a wide variety of progressive imaging techniques including high speed imaging, PLIF, PIV, shadow graph, etc.


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UTEP and NASA Open Space Technology Research Center

Funded by multiple agencies, cSETR is a program for research and education in propulsion and energy engineering. It was established through a cooperative agreement through NASA's University Research Centers program, a project designed to achieve a broad-based, competitive aerospace capability among the nation's minority institution.

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